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A fortnightly
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involving women for
national development.
   About us


Shri Mahila SEWA Anasooya Trust

"Anasooya" was started in 1982 to provide a forum for presentation of experiences, ideas and viewpoints emerging from SEWA's work. It also brings the reality of the self employed to the policy makers, planners and other involved in national and state-level development work. In additional. It serves as a link between SEWA members and other self employed workers across various geographical, social and cultural boundaries. "Anasooya" has been published regularly since 1982 and has a readership of 2500. It has completed fourteen years successfully and regular - not missing a single issue. It is published on 6th and 22nd of every month.

The editor of "Anasooya" has a accreditation card at the state level. "Anasooya" has also obtained membership in the press council. In this way, after years of efforts, "Anasooya" representing the views and experiences of the self employed, entered the mainstream of the print media.

"Anasooya" receives enthusiastic support from its readership, which in turn helps to provide the direction of this publication. Several articles of "Anasooya" have also been republished in magazines, journals and newspapers "Anasooya" was inaugurated by Shri Shankerial Banker, an important leader in the labour movement of Gujarat.

The name "Anasooya" was chosen for the following reasons :

(1) "Anasooya" means without hatred.

(2) Anasooya refers to Anasooya Sarabhai - one of the early feminists and also leaders of labour movement inspired by Gandhiji.

Anasooya focuses on injustices done to the employed women and the way they are exploited, policies for the self employed. Articles given information on various schemes of the Government, and also articles related to the middle class women like dowry, working women problems, problems of children and their rights and on child labour.

SEWA too felt the need of expanding our areas in media using communication and multi media for empowerment through a variety of form and thus fulfilling its objective of Self reliance. Sustainability is a must for any organisation and it is a means to enter and reach the mainstream market. Thus, Shri Mahila SEWA Anasooya Trust was registered on 17th June 1996.

Today, Shri Mahila Anasooya Trust apart from its fortnightly has also started a monthly periodical for young girls titled, "Akash Ganga". Akash Ganga was launched on the 14th November'96 celebrating the auspicious occasion of Children Day. This is the only periodical for our girls from the working class community. It has both information, entertainment, songs, stories, quiz, jokes etc. and more speaks about their dreams - our future. Every year the Trust will bring out this 32 pages, two coloured printed periodical in 12 issues.

In December Anasooya Trust will be inaugurating its new premises at Gandhinagar in the midst of all the new papers / dairies at Akhbar Bhavan.

With the given space the other activity we propose to have is the Anasooya Feature Service (AFS). The primary aim of the AFS is to provide to mainstream media products on women poverty and development that are thought provoking enough to suggest Policy - in terms of change, it would provide and encourage correspondents to bring out their views positively.

It would enable and determine how best the material can be placed in mainstream media without distorting the content of it. Commissioning editing and translating would be the main tasks of Anasooya Feature Service. How it would work ?

Firstly, the feature would be collected. Then it would be discussed with a correspondent. Next, it will be edited and the Correspodent can be consulted, for clarification or further information.

After this process the final product will be sent to the Clients and if used the clip will be sent to the regional office and their correspondent.

This will enable and encourage women journalists to highlight various women and poverty related issues and at the same time also train our members as journalists bringing up a new breed of journalists speaking out their issues.

For the ongoing and new activities Anasooya Trust would need infrastructure facilities and equipment. At the same time it will make its own business plan to ralse money by selling and availing of advertisements.

Anasooya Trust is registered under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act of 1950.

There is a strong need to develop more communication system that facilities self expression, increase people's access to information and knowledge create and stimulate critical thinking and analysis and encourage creativity and self confidence. Thus helping them to take decisions on issues which have mainly been declined in the mainstream media. Given the indifference of mainstream communication channels not understanding the realities of the working women's lives especially those from the unorganised sector. SEWA (Self Employed Women's Association) made efforts to create alternate structure in the media through Video SEWA in 1984.